The remaining half of the bailout money was left in the hands of the incoming administration and President Obama obliged based on the fact that global economies were too intertwined with our own. It was stated that an economic downturn worse than The Great Depression would ensue if nothing was done to rescue the banking institutions that had played a dangerous game of financial irresponsibility. They were, in fact, “too big to fail.”.

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North American Aviation, now Boeing, was put in charge of the project. It used a variety of subcontractors to complete the necessary components that would ultimately bring the shuttle together. Morton Thiokol, now Alliant Techsystems, built the solid rocket boosters.

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They sat in the balcony close to the nursing room in case they would need to step away because of her. The moment she began to fuss, church members were all over us. I was pulled aside and told that perhaps it would be better if I told them they should go to the nursing room if it happened again.

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